Gossip and Scandal Lead Google’s Top Searches in 2015

Gossip and Scandal Lead Google’s Top Searches in 2015

Google released the top search terms of the year Wednesday morning.

Lists were separated into categories, some of them more crowded than others. The list of most-searched candidates was the sole one in a section labeled for business and politics. The entertainment category, on the other hand, had 16 separate lists.

A NY Times article stated “Americans who went online were less interested in being uplifted than being distracted, preferably by something scandalous.”

Everybody loves a good story about a scandal as the NY Times is correct in the way we think. What is clear is that headline grabbers like: “scandal” “fraud” “conman” “criminal” are all great hyperbole, but often writers just want attention rather than have substance behind those claims. Their hurtful defamatory statements are just a cowardly way to inflict harm.  Most readers do not take the time to discern the truth of a writer’s allegation. The most harmful attacks come from people who hide in the shadows.  And in this case it is the internet and the gossip or gripe websites.

Case in point when anonymous writers post defamatory statements on multiple websites.  The repetition of the same defamatory statements are just feeble attempts to distract readers into believing the writers illusion.  Eric Noveshen is fighting those writers of defamatory statements.  They will be brought to justice and this website will chronical that flight.